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my family

In 2018 we settled into a small town outside of Denver, Colorado & we have been loving this beautiful life together.

I have two beautiful daughters, Raylighn Norene, who is 7 years old & Riya Tarin, who is 5 years old. They are the light of my life & my WHY always to be the best version of myself!


 Ray was my precious little Christmas gift in 2014 when she decided to enter the world 4 weeks early at 36 weeks. She taught us quickly how difficult & wonderful being a parent really is. She has grown up so much recently & has the sassiest little personality. She definitely keeps me on our toes every day with her smart questions about everything around her.

Ray currently attends 1st grade & is the class leader (a lot like her mama was)!  She thoroughly loves attending school & meeting new friends. She adores her teachers & walks into class to show off her latest outfit choices to her classmates.

She loves learning new things & eating fruit (strawberries & blueberries are her favorites)! She has also recently started to ride her bicycle without training wheels plus swim without her life-vest! Look out world; this girl is coming for you soon!


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Raylighn Norene


Riya is the sweetest & most content little lady we have ever met at just 4 years old. 

Her stubborn disposition was evident early in life, though, as she held out on making her big debut after reaching 40 weeks in February of 2017. Unlike her sister, she was happy to stay put, burying her face in my left hip, refusing to even give us a small peek in any of her 3D ultrasounds. She has since kept this same behavior with burying her face in anything she can reach while sleeping & by also being the most snuggly sweetheart ever.

She runs around the house chasing our animals most days & loves to dance or sing along to the music. Her favorite at the moment is Frozen II! She tries to keep up with her big sister & is quite the little conversationalist. She recently started Preschool & was excited t join her big sister with dance classes.


Riya Tarin

Our Animals

Our family also includes many different 4-legged, & 2-legged animals too.


We have a dog, 2 cats, & 4 chickens.

Allie is our sweet 12-year-old dog who is a trained Service Animal & the most precious blend of Husky, German Shepard, & Bulldog.


Cali-girl (8) & Greyson (8) are our sweet little cat family. We rescued each of them before we had children & they have moved 4 times now, including a long cross-country trek to our forever home!

We have recently adopted 4 chicks, The Golden Girls, (Blanche, Sophia, Rose, & Dorothy) who all really behave much like their namesakes.

We just love our little fur babies who, I'll admit, are just like children to us, really... You'll see images of them all over our Instagram too!
We love to spend time together exploring the world or snuggled up on a couch watching Netflix.

Most days you'll find me at home coloring with Raylighn, chasing Riya around to get her to wear pants, singing along to Frozen II with both girls dressed as Elsa & Anna, or playing Phase 10 with friends & family.
Thank you so much for supporting this small business that allows us to be together as a family daily.

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