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handing off your editing sounds amazing,

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Private Editing Services below!

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Editing Info

Congratulations on taking that first step towards having personal time back in your life through outsourcing all of your editing needs!


Since having my first child, I wanted to create the lifestyle I have always wanted. One that allows me to be a successful working mom from home while being able to spend as much time as possible with my growing family. By offering private boutique wedding editing services, this allows me the amazing opportunity to stay in this wonderful industry to chase my dreams without missing out on spending time with my children.


As a professional photographer, I understand how much time is spent editing, instead of actually taking those amazing photos, interacting with clients, and expanding a business, like you really want too.


I am an expert with Lightroom & Photoshop from personal experience in my own business as well as from continued education in college & numerous photography workshops. I can quickly learn the photographer’s style of editing to deliver quality images to their clients that never look as if anyone else has touched them.


My attention to detail helps to ensure that every image is closely adjusted to provide my clients with quality edits that include:


  • Maintaining the photographer’s unique editing style

  • Providing crisp & clean edits

  • Color correction

  • Image straightening

  • Preferred cropping

As an editor, I really want to ensure that I develop a wonderful work relationship with my clients with an open dialog from the beginning. I strive to provide my clients with reliable turnaround times & a personal relationship which allows them to give me constructive feedback to further enhance their experience.


Developing this one-on-one editing relationship will ensure consistency in meeting the photographer’s editing style as I focus my service in simply editing the images to match each photographer’s style.


I built this service around establishing a one-on-one editing relationship with each client to improve each photographer's workflow and to allow YOU the time to serve your clients to the fullest while also breathing personal time back into your life.


If you’re looking to gain time back to focus on various business ventures such as your website or marketing, or if you are even looking for more personal time with your loved ones, please consider me for your outsourcing needs.

I can’t wait to hear from you & I look forward to meeting your editing needs.






If you're looking to outsource your edits and get your life back,

please shoot me an email:

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